Wim Casier - The Comfort-Coach, offers his expertise and experience to the client. This expertise and experience can be used for the Client's benefit. Wim Casier - The Comfort-Coach, undertakes to provide the services described in a signed quote under the terms and conditions provided in these general conditions. The Client accepts the general conditions as described in the following clauses:

1. Policy and Work Methods

Wim Casier - The Comfort-Coach shall perform the tasks entrusted to him by the Signed Quote at any time and in any place that he deems suitable, without the possibility of any restriction in terms of time scale, organization, or subordination being imposed upon him.
Wim Casier - The Comfort-Coach takes into account the policy lines and guidelines of which he is informed by the Client, but he may perform the rest of his duties entirely independently.
He shall choose his working hours and how he will perform the Services, and the resources he will use to do so.
Wim Casier - The Comfort-Coach shall therefore be entirely free to choose how he spends his time, in so far as this is not detrimental to the quality, cost price, and prompt delivery of the service provision.
The Parties acknowledge that the execution of the Signed Quote and the relationship arising therefrom cannot create any employment agreement.

2. Fee

In Return for the Services that he provides, Wim Casier - The Comfort-Coach, shall be entitled to a Fee as is agreed upon in the Signed Quote. No extra costs will be charged unless they have been mentioned in the Signed Quote.

3. Duration of the Project

The Duration of the work is described in the Signed Quote.

4. Termination

The Client may terminate the project described in the Signed Quote with immediate effect when paging a compensation of half the fee agreed upon in the Signed Quote.

5. Information

The client undertakes to provide all information that is necessary or useful in the context of the performance of this assignment to Wim Casier - De Comfort-Coach.

6. Confidentiality

Wim Casier - The Comfort-Coach, will be obliged to observe a full duty of confidentiality.

7. Respect

Respect is the best basis for the pleasant cooperation. Treating each other with respect offers the greatest chance of success. Wim Casier - De Comfort-Coach, therefore, strives to look beyond the written articles in the conditions and to focus on value creation for both parties.